AFL footy previews – round 3

Round 3 Preview

Collingwood v Carlton

Western Bulldogs v Gold Coast Suns

Adelaide v Fremantle

Richmond v Hawthorn

West Coast Eagles v Sydney Swans

Melbourne v Brisbane Lions

Geelong v Port Adelaide

St Kilda v Essendon


Collingwood v Carlton,
MCG, Friday, April 8, 7.50pm

B: Shaw Tarrant Toovey
HB: O’Brien Reid Maxwell
C: Krakouer Ball Thomas
HF: Beams Dawes Pendlebury
F: Sidebottom Brown Cloke
Foll: Jolly Swan Didak
I/C: Davis, Blair, Wellingham, Johnson
Emg: Wood Keeffe Macaffer
In: Maxwell, Davis
Out: Macaffer (omitted), Buckley (groin)

B: Laidler Jamison Watson
HB: Duigan Thornton Russell
C: Simpson Gibbs Scotland
HF: Murphy Waite Yarran
F: Betts Hampson Garlett
Foll: Warnock Walker Judd
I/C: Carrazzo, Collins, Curnow, Robinson
Emg: Ellard White Armfield
In: Collins, Jamison
Out: White, Armfield (both omitted)

What a cracking game to open the round and what a test for Carlton. Collingwood have done a number on teams in the first two rounds and I am looking forward to seeing how the Blues handle them. The numbers tell you that Collingwood have been blowing teams away in the latter stages of quarters. Carlton can’t afford to play 20 minutes of good footy a term, they need to be on their game for every minute. The midfield is again going to be the key with the likes of Dane Swan and Scott Pendlebury in career-best form for the Magpies. The Blues have a number of very good midfielders in form as well. The one worry I have for the Blues is Collingwood’s improved forward line, which is an area they can expose Carlton. Chris Dawes and Travis Cloke need to be held if Carlton are to be a chance but with so much ball going in there, I don’t think they can stop them.


Western Bulldogs v Gold Coast,

Etihad Stadium, Saturday, April 9, 2.10pm

B: Stack Lake Morris
HB: Picken Williams Murphy
C: Cross Boyd Sherman
HF: Hill Hall Higgins
F: Giansiracusa Roughead Grant
Foll: Hudson Cooney Griffen
I/C: Gilbee, Liberatore, Markovic, Ward
Emg: Djerrkura Jones Wallis
In: Lake, Gilbee
Out: Djerrkura, Jones (omitted)

B: Coad Bock Brown
HB: Tape Hunt Krakouer
C: Harbrow Harris Rischitelli
HF: Bennell Dixon Stanley
F: Brennan Gorringe Matera
Foll: Smith, Ablett, Swallow
I/C: Weller, Prestia, Magin, McKenzie
Emg: Lock Shaw Toy
In: Coad, Weller, Gorringe
Out: Fraser (ankle), Lock, Toy (omitted)

I am looking forward to this one because I want to see what Gold Coast can dish up as far as their competitiveness is concerned. That was the concern last week, they just weren’t in the game. I expect they will be a lot more ferocious at the footy in their second game. I want to see how the senior players stand up for the Suns. The kids are going to be inconsistent because they’re still learning and developing. The Bulldogs were good last week but I don’t think they are at the top of their game by any stretch. Rodney Eade’s Bulldogs will win comfortably.


Adelaide v Fremantle,

AAMI Stadium, Saturday, April 9, 3.10pm

B: Johncock Rutten Stevens
HB: Tambling Davis Symes
C: Van Berlo Otten Smith
HF: Knights Walker Dangerfield
F: Henderson Tippett Douglas
Foll: Maric Thompson Reilly
I/C: Jaensch, Vince, McKernan, Martin
Emg: Moran Cook Petrenko
In: Symes, Jaensch, Tippett, Martin
Out: Doughty (corked thigh), Porplyzia (shoulder), Mackay (shoulder), Sloane (jaw and thumb)

B: Crowley Grover Johnson
HB: Broughton McPharlin Duffield
C: Fyfe DeBoer Mundy
HF: Bradley Pavlich Hill
F: Ballantyne Mayne Pitt
Foll: Sandilands McPhee  Lower
I/C: Roberton Walters Suban Palmer
Emg: van Berlo Anthony Crichton
In: Pitt
Out: Van Berlo (omitted)

It will be interesting to see how the Crows react after the bye and I think it’s not a bad thing for them after a big pre-season. Neil Craig’s side is always fit and they would have been planning for the week off. Adelaide at AAMI Stadium are going to be a very tough proposition for travelling sides this season. Fremantle have had two brutal games to start and that might hurt them. It’s never easy backing up after a game against the Cats, they’re a very physical team. I think it’s a hard ask for the Dockers and at home the Crows will take care of them.


Richmond v Hawthorn,

MCG, Saturday, April 9, 7.10pm

B: Newman Astbury Conca
HB: Deledio Connors Batchelor
C: Cotchin Martin Edwards
HF: Morton Vickery Grigg
F: Helbig Riewoldt Houli
Foll: Graham Jackson Foley
I/C: Nahas White King Grimes
Emg: Nason Tuck Dea
In: Grimes
Out: McGuane (suspended)

B: Ladson Gilham Stratton
HB: Birchall Gibson Bruce
C: Bateman Mitchell Shiels
HF: Young Franklin Burgoyne
F: Osborne Roughead Lewis
Foll: Renouf Hodge Sewell
I/C: Suckling Hale Savage Ellis
Emg: Whitecross Guerra Puopolo
In: Ellis
Out: Rioli (suspended)

The Tigers have shown some signs of improvement in the opening two rounds of the season and were very impressive after losing Jack Riewoldt early against St Kilda last week. They are in another year of development and the early signs are that Damien Hardwick has got things on track in his second year in charge. Suspensions to key defenders Luke McGuane and Alex Rance, plus Kelvin Moore’s injury leave them vulnerable down back, particularly against a Hawthorn side that boasts the names of key big men Lance Franklin and Jarryd Roughead. The Hawks will miss Cyril Rioli but have more experience through the midfield and will get the points at the MCG.


West Coast v Sydney,

Patersons Stadium, Saturday, April 9, 8.10pm

B: Brown Glass Hurn
HB: Butler Mackenzie S Selwood
C: Rosa Priddis Embley
HF: Ebert Kennedy Shuey
F: Nicoski Lynch Darling
Foll: Cox Selwood Kerr
I/C: Gaff Naitanui McGinnity Schofield
Emg: Hams Swift Sheppard
In: Butler Mackenzie
Out: Waters (elbow) Sheppard (omitted)

B: Bevan Richards Mattner
HB: Shaw Grundy Johnson
C: McGlynn Jack Smith
HF: Bolton Reid Goodes
F: O’Keefe White Hannebery
Foll: Mumford Kennedy McVeigh
I/C: Bird Rohan Jetta Everitt
Emg: Lamb Meredith Pyke
In: Johnson
Out: Meredith
New: Alex Johnson, 19, Oakleigh U18

They are both undefeated, it’s shades of 2005-06 again – not quite. They’re a little down on the quality of that great rivalry but they have turned in some great matches over the years. The Eagles can’t do any more than they have done in the opening two rounds and they’ve done well to hold up without injured forward Mark LeCras. Dean Cox has been in very good form, Nic Naitanui showed some promising signs last week, Andrew Embley has re-wound the clock about five years and they’ve unearthed a couple of very good players in Luke Shuey and Jack Darling. They look a much better team but I think the Swans can break them down and win. Sydney will take a lot of confidence from winning against Essendon when they probably weren’t expected to and they can go on with it this week in a very close game.


Melbourne v Brisbane Lions,
MCG, Sunday, April 10, 1.10pm

B: Tapscott Frawley Bartram
HB: Rivers Garland Bennell
C: Sylvia Grimes Bail
HF: Wonaeamirri Martin Trengove
F: Green Jurrah Gysberts
Foll: Jamar Moloney Davey
I/C from: Warnock, Jones, Watts, Morton, Dunn, Petterd, Strauss
In: Wonaeamirri, Warnock, Strauss, Morton, Gysberts
Out: Maric, Jetta (omitted)

B: Adcock Merrett Stiller
HB: Hanley Patfull McGrath
C: Rockliff Black Redden
HF: Power Lester O’Brien
F: Polkinghorne Clark Banfield
Foll: Leuenberger Raines Rich
I/C from: Cornelius Beams Bewick Buchanan Collier Polec McCauley
In: Collier, Cornelius, Polec
New: Jared Polec, 18, Woodville-West Torrens (SA)

Melbourne were woeful after half-time last round and Brisbane are just as bad at the minute. I think Melbourne will bounce back because they have a bit more quality in their side. The Lions have been decimated by injury, losing Jonathan Brown obviously hurts a lot and the departure of key players at the end of last year doesn’t help either. They are in for a tough year because I don’t see how they can kick a winning score. If opposition sides can hold Mitch Clark then they’re a long way towards winning.


Geelong v Port Adelaide,

Skilled Stadium, Sunday, April 10, 2.10pm

B: Milburn Scarlett J.Hunt
HB: Enright Taylor T.Hunt
C: Johnson Ling Kelly
HF: Varcoe Mooney Stokes
F: Chapman Hawkins Bartel
Foll: Ottens Corey Selwood
I/C: (from) Podsiadly, Duncan, Menzel, Christensen, Gillies, West, Cowan
In: Selwood , West , Gillies , Cowan , Mooney , Scarlett
Out: Mackie (Ankle) , Guthrie (Omitted) , Wojcinski (Achilles)

B: Logan Carlile Trengove
HB: Hartlett Chaplin Stewart
C: Boak Thomas K.Cornes
HF: Broadbent C.Cornes Gray
F: Irons Westhoff Motlop
Foll: Brogan Pearce Rodan
I/C: (From) Davenport, Banner, O’Shea, Pittard, Salopek,  Stewart, Surjan
In: Motlop, Salopek, Surjan, Hartlett, Banner
Out: Cassisi (Knee), Hitchcock (Omitted)

Geelong have had two close ones and I’m tipping they’ll pick up enough wins to finish in the top four. The most pleasing thing for them last week was the performances of a couple of nice kids. Daniel Menzel looks the goods among others. They’ll also welcome back Joel Selwood, Matthew Scarlett and Cameron Mooney. Down at Skilled Stadium, it’s not looking good for the Power. Port have shown a bit in their two games but haven’t got enough quality up forward, particularly with Jay Schulz sidelined, to kick enough goals against Geelong.


St Kilda v Essendon

Etihad Stadium, Sunday, April 10, 2.10pm

B: Ray Dawson Clarke
HB: Gilbert Fisher Gwilt
C: Gram Goddard Montagna
HF: Steven Riewoldt Peake
F: Dal Santo Archer Milne
Foll: McEvoy Dempster Armitage
I/C from: Gamble, Jones, Winmar, Stanley, Koschitzke, Schneider, Smith
In: Koschitzke, Schneider, Steven, Stanley, Smith, Winmar
Out: Blake (omitted), Baker (foot), Hayes (knee)

New: Nicholas Winmar, 19, Scarborough WA, 19; Alistair Smith, 20, Perth (WA)


B: Hardingham Fletcher Dempsey
HB: Heppell Hooker Hocking
C: Winderlich Watson Stanton
HF: Melksham Ryder Jetta
F: Crameri Hurley Zaharakis
Foll: Bellchambers Howlett McVeigh
I/C from: Gumbleton, Colyer, Lonergan, Lovett-Murray, Monfries, Davey, Prismall
In: Monfries, Prismall, Gumbleton, Colyer

Out: Myers (hand)

Essendon’s speed and their ball movement has troubled the Saints in recent times under the roof at Etihad Stadium. St Kilda have been desperately unlucky to not be 2-0 with a draw and a one-point loss to start the year. I am not jumping off the Saints just yet and they’ve got too much quality to be winless for much longer, but the season-ending knee injury to midfielder Lenny Hayes will affect this group. In the Bomber camp, James Hird has rejuvenated the Essendon side, who should’ve beaten the Swans in Sydney last week. The absence of ruckman David Hille cannot be underestimated but I’m tipping the Bombers to sink the Saints in a tight one.



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