Footy on my mind – grand final preview

2011 Grand Final

Saturday, MCG 2.30PM


Weather: 15 degrees with expected rainfall in the afternoon


B: Alan Toovey Ben Reid Harry O’Brien

HB: Nick Maxwell Chris Tarrant Heath Shaw

C: Jarryd Blair Dane Swan Dale Thomas

HF: Ben Johnson Leigh Brown Alan Didak

F: Steele Sidebottom Travis Cloke Luke Ball

Foll: Darren Jolly Scott Pendlebury Andrew Krakouer

I/C: Leon Davis, Chris Dawes, Sharrod Wellingham, Alex Fasolo

Emg: Tyson Goldsack Cameron Wood Ben Sinclair

IN: Alex Fasolo

OUT: Dayne Beams (groin)


B: Tom Lonergan Matthew Scarlett Josh Hunt

HB: David Wojcinski Harry Taylor Corey Enright

C: Andrew Mackie Jimmy Bartel Joel Selwood

HF: Travis Varcoe Tom Hawkins Steve Johnson

F: Paul Chapman James Podsiadly Trent West

Foll: Brad Ottens Cameron Ling Joel Corey

I/C: James Kelly, Matthew Stokes, Mitch Duncan, Allen Christensen

Emg: Shannon Byrnes Darren Milburn Cameron Guthrie



*There are injury concerns over key Magpies Darren Jolly & Ben Reid, with Tyson Goldsack & Cameron Wood waiting as emergencies should both Jolly and Reid not come up on Saturday.

*Key Cats Steve Johnson and David Wojcinski also may miss the final side on Saturday, with Shannon Byrnes and Darren Milburn the likely call ups if Johnson and Wojcinski don’t play.

*The Cats are fitter and come in on better form than the Magpies, and also have the edge over their opponents, given their wins over the Pies in Round 8 and 24 this season.

*In both of those wins, Geelong shut down Collingwood’s free-flowing game style dominating the inside 50s by a staggering 62-42 in round 8 and 68-35 in round 24.

*Unless the Pies can find a way to win the clearances and the inside 50s to give their key forwards Travis Cloke and Chris Dawes some opportunities to put pressure on the scoreboard, they could be in for a long afternoon.

*I’m expecting a very tight contest but I like Cats, who are coming in healthier, fitter and in better form.

TIP: Geelong by 5 points



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